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FUTURE4PRIMA in full swing: first project Newsletter to be launched and Executive Board’s Inaugural meeting ahead

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Exciting news on the horizon! The first newsletter for the FUTURE4PRIMA project is set to launch soon, and the subscription link is now available.

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FUTURE4PRIMA keeps its focus firmly on the future, and you won’t want to miss the updates that will accompany the development of the project. Stay tuned for news that will shape the trajectory of PRIMA’s program, guiding us towards a more sustainable and innovative tomorrow.

March 2024: the FUTURE4PRIMA executive board sets the agenda for Mediterranean Innovation

In a landmark move, the inaugural executive board meeting of the Future4Prima Horizon Europe project convened to pave the way for collaborative efforts in the Mediterranean region. The virtual meeting aimed to:

  • synchronize activities and tasks,
  • appoint the Advisory Board

One of the primary objectives outlined in the meeting is to broaden the geographical scope of the PRIMA program by engaging new countries and funders. This expansion seeks to amplify the impact of R&I endeavors and promote cross-border collaborations.

Additionally, the project will commence activities to chart existing R&I programs and projects within the Mediterranean region. This mapping exercise aims to identify areas of need and potential gaps, laying the groundwork for a targeted approach to aligning R&I priorities at the national level.

The Future4Prima Horizon Europe project represents a significant milestone in fostering innovation and collaboration within the Mediterranean region. With a clear agenda and commitment from stakeholders, the project is positioned to drive positive change and shape the future of R&I in the region.

Stay tuned as fresh news is about to pop up in the next days.