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Water Management

Integrated and sustainable management of water for arid and semi-arid Mediterranean areas

More than 180 million people suffer from water shortages in the countries of the Mediterranean basin, especially in the Southern and Eastern countries, and have less than 1,000 cubic meters of water per capita per year.

In order to achieve a sustainable water management we require 1) a better understanding of the processes affecting the water cycle including the water needs to sustain functional ecosystems, 2) implementation of technical and water governance solutions to improve resilience to water scarcity conditions, optimizing both crop selection and water use efficiency throughout the production chain, taking also into account the water-energy nexus and 3) definition of new possibilities for increasing water availability and sustainable wastewater management, thus reinforcing water circularity and exploiting nonconventional new water resources. 

More specifically, this thematic area aims to help secure water availability in terms of quality and quantity, as well as to improve wastewater management. The goal is developing innovative and energy efficient solutions promoting their application to increase the efficiency and sustainability of water provision in Euro-Mediterranean societies, providing environmental benefits and economic growth in the area and contributing to inclusive sustainable healthy growth

The present thematic area will focus on 4 priorities:

Water resources availability and quality within catchments and aquifers


Sustainable, integrated water management


Irrigation technologies and practices


Use of alternative water resources