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Section 3

Activities organised, managed and funded by the PS:

Section 3 consists in activities organised, managed and funded by PRIMA participating States (PS). These activities have to be aligned with the PRIMA objectives defined in the SRIA, validated by international external experts and by the European Commission. PRIMA Secretariat monitors these activities during their implementation

There are two types of activities:

A. Activities under the national programmes of the Participating States including transnational projects referred to as “Participating States’ Initiated Activities” (PSIAs)

B. Activities organised and funded by PS supporting PRIMA programme implementation. (OA)

Activities can be national, bilateral, multilateral programmes (spanning from research actions to mobility actions) or activities supporting PRIMA programme.

Section 3 activities demonstrate the efforts of the PS to foster the alignment of national programmes and interoperability of national regulations and to enhance active participation from non-EU PS researchers, technological transfer and commercialization of research results.

Total budget committed over 3 years: 120 M€

Budget per year

2018, 42 M€

2019, 56 M€

2020, 31 M€