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What we do

Integrated and sustainable management of water for arid and semi-arid Mediterranean areas
Sustainable farming systems under Mediterranean environmental constraints
Sustainable Mediterranean agri-food value chain for regional and local development.

Sustainable and innovation Mediterranean path to interconnect and combine water management sustainable management of water resources, farming systems and agri-food value chains

These three areas, each with specific priorities and thematic/operational objectives, are mutually intercepted and cross-fertilized. Cross-cutting themes that, transversely influence and emerge from the three areas, are identified, explored and developed.

Soil sustainability, food security and socio-economic development are included as specific transversal topical areas of research. In addition, cross-cutting technologies and approaches such as ICT and capacity building will be specifically considered. This reveals the strong nexus between sustainable management of water resources, farming systems and agro-food value chains and is the starting point from which further synergies and deeper integration can be achieved.

PRIMA research and innovation activities are underpinned by a strong commitment to national, regional and international networking and are open to combined action, collaboration and synergies among researchers, governmental agencies and private stakeholders.

 The strategic goal is strengthening innovation capacity, aligning national programmes and critical mass engagement within PRIMA participating countries.