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Main Office

Please contact the administrator only for issues related to the Website. For queries related to the Programme contact our Team.

For legal matters:

Julià Rebés

Legal Officer

[email protected]

For financial matters:

Pau Guell

Accounting and Financial Manager

[email protected]

Marta Pons

Accounting and Financial Officer

[email protected]

For queries on the PRIMA Programme, Annual Work Plans and Calls for Proposals:

Fabrice Dentressangle

Project Officer (Farming Systems Thematic Area)

[email protected]

Marco Orlando

Project Officer (Water Management Thematic Area)

[email protected]

Mohamed Wageih

Project Officer (Agro-food Value Chain Thematic Area)

[email protected]

Ali Rhouma

Project Officer

(Nexus Thematic Area)

[email protected]

Nur Eda Demir

Project Officer

[email protected]


For administrative matters:

Aliénor de Moucheron

Monitoring Officer

alienor.[email protected]

Abdelwahed Boudjema

IT Officer

[email protected]

Administrative Officer