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Shaping equality: PRIMA Gender Dimension Report is now available

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At PRIMA, our commitment to gender equality and inclusivity remains unwavering. We recently conducted a comprehensive survey to evaluate the integration of the gender dimension in our projects. Today, we’re excited to share the survey’s key insights and a series of success stories, best practices and recommendations for even greater strides in gender equality.

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Survey Snapshot

The survey results provide an overview of the gender dimension integration in PRIMA projects, based on a survey carried out with Project coordinators. A total of 85 project coordinators responded to the survey, representing 42% of the 202 PRIMA projects funded between 2018 and 2022.

Progress and Gaps

While many PRIMA projects have made advancements in addressing gender issues, the survey also highlighted areas that require further attention.

Implementing Recommendations

To bridge these gaps, we’ve provided a set of recommendations that can empower PRIMA projects to enhance their gender responsiveness. By incorporating these suggestions into their initiatives, projects can play a vital role in furthering our collective commitment to gender equality.

Our Collective Mission

At PRIMA, we firmly believe that the road to sustainable development is paved with inclusivity and gender equality. Our survey results are a call to action to continue advancing these principles in our projects.

The survey report, complete with detailed findings and recommendations, is available for download. PRIMA extends its sincere appreciation to all those who contributed to the development of this report.