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PRIMA joins forces with UN ESCWA to ignite innovation at the Arab SME summit 2023

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Marrakesh, Morocco, 12-14 December 2023

In a strategic move aimed at boosting the sustainability and growth of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in the Arab region, PRIMA is gearing up to participate in the upcoming Arab SMEs Summit 2023 organized by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (UN-ESCWA). 

The Arab SMEs Summit is an annual event organized with the objective of propelling the development of SMEs across the Arab world. Under the theme “Boosting Arab SMEs Sustainability & Growth via Strengthening EU-Mediterranean Bridges & Partnerships,” PRIMA aims to advance its joint cooperation with ESCWA to bring about positive change and innovation.

At the core of PRIMA’s mission is the promotion of inclusive, healthy, and prosperous Mediterranean societies through innovative solutions, ultimately contributing to the sustainable use of natural resources, economic growth, and stability in the Mediterranean region. With a keen focus on fields such as water, agrifood, farming, health, energy, and more, PRIMA wishes to make a significant impact on the SME landscape in the region. 

The summit will serve as a platform for Arab researchers and entrepreneurs to showcase their groundbreaking ideas and solutions in areas of mutual interest.

Arab SMEs and Entrepreneurs will shine at the heart of the event: The Innovative Exhibition Platform

The summit will feature an array of activities organized by PRIMA, including workshops led by experts, exhibitions for Arab entrepreneurs and SMEs to display their innovations, side events like panel discussions and roundtables, and a dedicated focus on empowering Arab entrepreneurs and researchers.

Key outcomes expected from PRIMA’s engagement at the summit include increased awareness of innovative solutions and best practices in the Arab region, greater participation of Arab entrepreneurs and researchers in EU programs and initiatives, strengthened cooperation between PRIMA, ESCWA, and other regional stakeholders, and an enriched network of knowledge-sharing among Arab SMEs.

PRIMA’s presence at the summit underscores its commitment to supporting the growth of Arab SMEs, its belief in the importance of EU-Mediterranean collaboration for economic development, and its expertise in providing innovative solutions to address the challenges faced by SMEs.

This event is a great occasion to unite key institutions in the EU-Med partnership, fostering cooperation not only between PRIMA and other EU MED programs and initiatives but also with prominent entities such as ASCAME, ANIMA, Businessmed, MedWaves, UfM, CEEBA. 

You can download the event’s concept note here. 

Stay tuned for more updates on PRIMA’s participation in the Arab SMEs Summit – 2023.