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Funded Projects


Efficient use and management of conventional and non-conventional water resources through smart technologies (Internet of Things)  

WATERMED will design and develop an IoT-based platform based on a layered architecture that considers several types of services to ensure its replication and adaptability to different crops and locations. The expected impacts will be easily monitored all along the water cycle for agriculture, real-time controlled by the Internet of Things and Services, helping to increase quantity and quality of water available for agriculture and to save water and nutrients. 

In the new economy, the role of digitization is increasingly present, and procedures, tools and other resources are becoming available in a new era in water management and smart agriculture. In the future agriculture of the Mediterranean region, concepts like “big data”, “Internet of Things” and “cyber-physical systems”, will have to coexist with the physical environments that need to be more sustainable to assure food and quality of life for the population especially regarding water resources.

The project will demonstrate that the pool of non-conventional water resources together with conventional water resources of river basins in scarcity or low water quality areas, can increase quantity, quality and efficiency in cost savings and reducing loses where remote sensing communications protocols are implemented. The application of ICT to NCWTT will promote control and information available to all stakeholders thanks to the use of a platform open access. Data will be obtained and elaborated not only from a technological or sanitary point of view, but from an integrated socio-economic perspective, understanding the potentialities of water management for agriculture, and boosting growth and sustainable development in the Mediterranean region.

Coordinating Country


Participating Countries

Algeria, Germany, Morocco and Turkey

Implementation Period

01/06/2019 - 31/05/2022


University of Murcia - UMU


Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area – PRIMA


Burcu Yacizi /Jesús Argente / Antonio Skarmeta