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WEFE Nexus Solutions to Restore and Return Degraded Lands in Jordanian Dry Areas.
The School of Agriculture / The University of Jordan is interested in establishing collaboration on the following topics: Topic 1.2.1-2023 (IA) Actions to restore and return degraded lands in the Mediterranean region into productive agroecosystems. Topic 1.4.1-2023 (IA) Accelerate adaptation and mitigation to climate change in the Mediterranean region by deploying WEFE nexus solutions. In this perspective, the JU is interested in the restoration and deploying WEFE Nexus solutions in a 200 hectare research station located in the Jordanian dry areas (GPS coordinates: 31.777035, 36.232206) into a high-tech hybrid production system that involves Animal and Plant production. A team of researchers from different departments at the school is interested and keen to achieve this important goal and is willing to do their best to deploy different research activities in collaboration with local communities and NGOs in the region. Besides we are interested in establishing networks on other PRIMA topics related to water management, farming systems and agro-food value chain.





School of Agriculture-The University of Jordan


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The Dean of the School of Agriculture / The University of Jordan