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Turkish Partner for Advancing Sustainable Water Management Using Artificial Intelligence Technologies
Ankara University’s Department of Agricultural Engineering has an established track record of expertise in the subject, as evidenced by our various studies and projects. Previously, we developed novel surface water quality classification methodologies, a multivariate streamflow forecasting model, and evapotranspiration prediction utilizing remote sensing and experimental methods. Our experience in artificial intelligence modeling and data analysis is shown in our methodologies, which include Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms. We are looking for collaborations that will allow us to continue our pioneering work in water management while also contributing to developing sustainable water management techniques.


Topic 1.1.1-2023 (IA) Integrated adaptive wastewater management plans in the Mediterranean region.


Water Resources Development, Agricultural Hydrology and Meteorology, Information Systems in Irrigation, Hydrology-Hydrometeorology, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Learning and Pattern Recognition


At Ankara University, we have a dedicated research group specializing in water management and utilizing a multidisciplinary approach to tackle the challenges of sustainable water management. Our team comprises experts in various fields, such as agricultural irrigation, deep learning, machine learning, Water Resources Development, Agricultural Hydrology, and Meteorology. Our expertise and experience make us a valuable partner for any project focused on finding innovative solutions for sustainable water management. We are eager to work with like-minded individuals and organizations to bring our expertise and passion for water management to the table.


Ankara University


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