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MRC has experience WFD, water and wastewater treatment, water reuse, rainwater harvesting, black and grey water treatment and reuse for different purposes, decentralized wastewater treatment, membrane technologies, water quality management and developing real time monitoring sensors as well as design of decision support system using GIS based data.



wastewater, reuse, analysis, grey water, micro pollutants, micro plastic, decision support system (DSS)


Specific skills; • Acredited and well equipped laboratory infrastructure, • Invaluable experience in laboratory and pilot scale applications, • Multidiciplinary approach within MAM which has expertise in various research areas (e.g., energy, material, biotechnology), • Reserachers experienced over 15 years on the field of inland water and sea in Turkiye, • Valuable, updated and comprehensive datasets about water pollution sources (point and diffuse) of Turkiye (at village scale), • Researchers having knowledge on environmental legislation of both the European Union and Turkiye and also particular regional agreements such as Barcelona and BlackSea Convention, • Knowledge on Water Framework Directive (WFD) and Nitrate Directive (ND), • Knowledge and experience on 2008/105/EC and 2013/39/EU parameters: monitoring, determination and removal, • Experience in devoloping water quality monitoring sensors such as Dissolved Oxygen, pH, Electrical Conductivity (TRL values are between 5-9). • Experience on determination of water quality status, • Experience on microplastic pollution determination, • Experience in developing hybdrid treatment technologies for removal of pollutants, reuse of water and recovery of valuable materials, • Experience in grey and black water treatment and reuse of water for different purposes, • Knowledge and experience on integrated data management by using GIS based decision support systems. • Life cycle assessment (LCA)




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