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Call to build a consortium on water management as part of PRIMA research project.
We are looking for new collaboration proposals from academics and SMEs to propose a collaborative project. This proposal is part of PRIMA projects 2023 (Water management section). We want to build a project in synergy with the MINIMEAU project ( MINIMEAU project addresses the minimization of water in the food industries. For PRIMA, we propose to submit a proposal on reducing water and/or energy consumption in the process industry (not limited to the food industry). Possible approaches can use advanced modeling based on pinch analysis, pollution treatment processes, and water/economic footprint assessment. We target energy-intensive and water-intensive industrial processes with a TRL level between 6 and 8. The industry’s major problem in water reuse is the need for more and more data on water consumption, wastewater production, and the specification of pollution limits. It is, therefore, necessary to track water volumes and pollution levels. In addition, the systemic and preventive approach of HACCP is required to justify the limitation of pollution and to allow the determination of safe and secure reuse of water, which is the primary means of saving water in the process industry. Would you like to receive more information about our PRIMA project? Do you want to participate in the consortium as a partner? We are willing to discuss/collaborate with you. Looking at this research proposal, the skills listed below could greatly interest our project: – HACCP study (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) for water reuse/recycling; – Wastewater biological treatment and recycling in agricultural setting; micro-pollutants fate; – Circular economy study for applying “safe” water (recycling); – Civil society actor of the Mediterranean area. Contacts: [email protected] [email protected]







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