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Section 2 Results are out!

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We announce that the PRIMA Section 2 2022- Multi-topic is published!

Congratulations on the 25 projects selected for funding!


Projects are listed in alphabetical order.


AcronymTitleCoordinating InstitutionCoordinating CountryConsortium Composition
B4HTBox for Health by Tradition & Innovation: promoting sustainable Mediterranean diet by Healthy FoodsUniversity of Bari Aldo MoroITIT (2), LB (1), TU (1)
  FEEDFrom edible sprouts to healthy foodNational Research Council – CNR  ITIT (3), DE (1), HR (2), SP (2), IL (1), TR (1)
      FUNZYbio    Fungal and enzymatic degradation of antibiotics: safe reuse of livestock residues for agricultureInstitut National de Recherche pour L’Agriculture, L’Alimentation et L’Environnement – Centre de Recherche Paca – Biodiversité et Biotechnologie Fongiques      FR    FR (2), SP (1), IT (2), MA (3), TU (1)
Im-PackTechnological and economic potential of the active packaging obtained by supercritical techniques for the preservation of Mediterranean fresh foodUniversity of CadizSPSP (2), DZ (1), FR (2), IT (1), MA (1), PT (1), TU (1)
    InnoSol4MedInnovative sustainable solutions for ready-to-eat traditional Mediterranean products and non- conventional healthy foods    University of Split    HR  HR (3), SP (2), IT (3), MA (2), TR (1)
MAEWAMitigation of Agricultural effects in Mediterranean soils and wetlands: bioremediation technologies, environmental and economic benefitsInstitut Des Sciences Analytiques Et De Physico-Chimie Pour L’environnement Et Les MateriauxFRFR (1), DZ (1), EG (1), USA (2), MA (2), PT (1), TU (2)
    MEDACORNET  Rescuing acorns as a Mediterranean traditional superfood    LANDRATECH, LDA    PTPT (4), DZ (1), HR (1), SP (1), IT (1), MA (1), TU (1), TR (1)
    MedDietMenus4Ca mpusPromoting stakeholder adherence to Mediterranean Diet on Campus through menu interventions and social marketing strategies    Faculdade de Ciências da Nutrição e Alimentação da Universidade do Porto      PT    PT (4), HR (2), TR (1)
    MEDGOATGoat farming systems characterization and novel strategies to sustain production in the changing climate scenario in the Mediterranean regions    Institut de l’élevage     FR  FR (3), SP (1), IT (1), MA (3), PT (1), TU (4)
MEDIET4ALLA Transnational movement to support the sustainable transition towards a healthy and Eco-friendly Agri-Food System through the promotion of MEDIET and its lifestyle in modern society  Johannes Gutenberg- Universität MainzDEDE(1), SP(1), FR(2), IT(1), MA(2), TU(1), LU(1), DZ(1)
      MedInCircleFuture-proofing the Mediterranean agri-food chain through integrated and circular management of contaminant-safe water, nutrients and bioresources    Università di Napoli Federico II      IT    IT(1), FR(2), TR(2), EG(1)
  MoreMedDietMore on the adoption of a healthy Mediterranean diet  Universidad de Extremadura  SPSP(2), EG(1), FR(3), IT(3), PT(1), TU(1), TR(1)
Mush-MedTransition to Healthy Mediterranean Functional Food via Integrating Mushroom Beta-glucans and Proteins: Promoting Body Homeostasis After Stress-Related Health Problems.City of Scientific Research and Technological ApplicationsEGEG(1), IT(1), TR(1)
        NPP-SOL  Modelling And Technological Tools To Prevent Surface And Ground-Water Bodies From Agricultural Non- Point Source Pollution Under Mediterranean Conditions        University of Basilicata        IT      IT(2), SP(1), FR(1), IL(2), MA(2)
Oli4foodMicrobial resources for a sustainable olive oil system and a healthier Mediterranean food: from by-products to functional foodIstanbul Technical UniversityTRTR(3), DE(1), SP(1), IT(2), MA(1), EG(1)
    PAS-AGRO-PASThe Making of Fragile Agro- ecosystems Productive, Adaptive and Sustainable: Multifunctional Agro- pastoralism    Instituto Politécnico de Bragança    PT  PT(1), CY(1), EG(1), SP(2), FR(2), IT(1), MA(2), TU(1)
    PROMEDRICEEffective farming practices to protect water resources in Mediterranean rice- based agroecosystems    Universitat de Girona    SP  SP(4), EG(1), IT(1), MA(3), PT(1), TR(1)
PureCirclesMaximising resource use efficiency within the energy, water and nutrient nexus for sustainable agriculture in Mediterranean marginal environmentsUniversity of HohenheimDEDE(1), SP(1), IT(2), MA(2), PT(1), TU(2), FR(2), EG(1)
        Safe-H2O-FarmInnovative farm strategies that integrate sustainable N fertilization, water management and pest control to reduce water and soil pollution and salinization in the Mediterranean.        University of Perugia        IT    IT(1), DE(1), CY(1), HR(1), SP(1), IL(1), TR(1)
SUREPASTORManagement Strategies to Enable SUstainable REsilient AgroPASTORalismUniversity of Florence – Department of Agriculture, Food, Environment and ForestryITIT(3), EG(1), MA(2), TU(1)
    SAFWA  Alternative Biopesticides For Safe Integrated Pest And Water Management Around Mediterranean.    Centre de Biotechnologie de Sfax    TU  TU(3), DE(1), SP(2), FR(1), IT(1), LB(1), TR(1)
    SWRIPSSustainable Wastewater Re-use with Innovative Purification and Sensing system for the agrifood supply chain  Centro Siciliano di Fisica Nucleare e di Struttura della Materia    IT  IT(5),DZ(2),SP( 1),TU(5), FR(2), EG(1)
    TeleNitroNew low cost strategies of crop based on biodiversity and remote sensing to reduce the application of nitrogen fertilizers in the Mediterranean area    Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas    SP    SP (2), IT (1), MA (1), TU (1)
Tool4MEDLifeFrom Tradition to Innovation: New Foods and Educational Toolkits for a Healthy and Sustainable Mediterranean LifestyleUniversità degli Studi di CamerinoITIT (2), HR (1), SP (1), PT (1), TR (2)
VALOstonesValorization of olive stone by-product as a green source of innovative and healthy value-added products in the context of the circular bioeconomy and sustainabilityLaboratory of Biodiversity and Valorization of Bioresources in Arid Zones, University of GabesTUTU (2), FR (1), IT (1), MT (1), MA (1), TR (1)