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Funding Projects contributing to sustainable use of natural resources, economic growth and stability in the Mediterranean Farming Systems Agri-Food Value Chain Water Management WEFE Nexus Call for proposals Section 1…

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Weam Mahdawi Project Development Engineer [email protected] +962797723755 germany WEE Pros GmbH Small or Medium Enterprise (SME) Water. Energy. Environment Professionals -WEE Pros GmbH- is an international management consulting firm based…

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Project partener

Najari Sghaier Researcher and team cordinator [email protected] 216 98203731 tunisia Arid lands institute Research Organisation (Public) Arid lands institute (Institut des Régions Arides) is a public research organization created in…

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Seeking for a partnar

reham bosela Cordinator [email protected] 01003594662 egypt EG EDRC-Desert Research Center Research Organisation (Public) Egypt Desalination Research Center of Excellence – Desert Research Center,is the focal point for water desalination ,…

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