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We are glad to share with you the list of the projects section 2 -2021 selected for funding.



AcronymTitlecoordinating countryCoordinating InstitutionParticipating countries
ADVAGROMEDADVanced AGROecological approaches based on the integration of insect farming with local field practices in MEDiterranean countriesITUniversity of Turin UNITODE (1) SP (1) GR (1) IT (2) MA (1) PT (1) 
AgrEcoMedNew agroecological approach for soil fertility and biodiversity restoration to improve economic and social resilience of mediterranean farming systemsITUniversity of Basilicata UNIBASSP (2) IT (3) MA (2) TN (1) 
AGREEMARAdaptive agreements on benefits sharing for managed aquifer recharge in the Mediterranean regionDETechnische Universität Dresden TUDDE (2) CY (1) SP (1) PT (1) TN (1) 
AGREEMedInnovative Aquifers Governance for Resilient Water Management and Sustainable Ecosystems in Stressed Mediterranean Agricultural AreasMAMohammed VI Polytechnic University UM6PDE (2) SP (1) FR (2) IT (1) JO (1) MA (2) TN (1) 
AgrI-fiShCircular economy application: from the field to the net. Sustainable and innovative feeds from agricultural wastes for a resilient and high-quality aquacultureITUniversity of Camerino UNICAMDZ (1) SP (1) IT (2) 
AG-WaMEDAdvancing non conventional water management for innovative climate-resilient water governance in the Mediterranean AreaITUniversità degli Studi di Firenze UNIFIDZ (1) EG (1) SP (1) GR (1) IT (2) TN (1) 
ASTERAgroecology-inspired Strategies and Tools to Enhance Resilience and ecosystem services in tomato cropITConsiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche CNRDZ (2) SP (1) GR (3) IT (3) MA (2) PT (1) TN (2) TR (1) 
BIOMEnextModelling integrated biodiversity-based next generation Mediterranean farming systemsITUniversity of Perugia – Department of Agricultural, Food and Environmental sciences (UNIPG) UNIPGSP (2) FR (1) IT (3) LB (1) MA (2) TN (2) 
CICLICASmart agriCulture optimization to CLImate Change AdaptationSPSpanish National Research Council CEBAS-CSICDZ (1) DE (1) EG (2) SP (2) MA (1) TR (1) 
DREAMDiversified orchards for REsilient and sustAinable Mediterranean farming systemsITAlma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna UNIBOSP (1) FR (2) GR (2) IT (1) MA (2) 
ECOBOOSTBoosting functional biodiversity to maximize ecosystem services for Mediterranean crop productionITUniversity of Palermo UNIPADZ (1) DE (1) GR (2) IT (2) MA (2) TN (1) TR (1) 
GreenDriedFruitsApplication of extreme temperatures in dried figs, dates, and currants disinfestation: sustainability in practiceITUniversity of Milan UNIMIDE (1) GR (3) IL (1) IT (1) TR (1) 
InovFarmer.MEDImproving Mediterranean supply chain through innovative agro-food business to strengthen small-scale farmers competitiveness, using prickly pear and fig as case studyPTInstituto Politécnico de Viseu IPVDZ (1) EG (1) FR (1) MA (1) PT (5) 
MEDPOME-STONEValorizing some pome and stone fruit germplasm variability to ensure resilience to climate change in the Mediterranean areaTKErciyes University ERUSP (1) IT (1) MA (2) TR (1) 
Quinoa4MedQuinoa as a climate-smart crop diversification option for higher income generation from marginal lands in the MediterraneanDEUniversity of Hohenheim UHOHDZ (1) DE (1) SP (3) FR (1) MA (2) TN (1) 
SAFESustainable water reuse practices improving safety in agriculture, food and environmentITUniversità degli Studi della Basilicata UNIBASDZ (1) SP (1) FR (1) GR (1) IT (3) LB (1) MA (2) TN (2) 
SIRAMSustainable innovations for Regenerative Agriculture in the Mediterranean areaITUniversità Cattolica del Sacro Cuore UCSCEG (1) SP (1) FR (1) GR (1) IT (2) MA (2) PT (1) TN (1) 
SMALLDERSSmart Models for Agrifood Local vaLue chain based on Digital technologies for Enabling covid-19 Resilience and SustainabilityITUniversity of Calabria (Modeling & Simulation Center – Laboratory of Enterprise Solutions) UNICALSP (1) FR (1) IT (2) TN (1) 
TECHONEYDevelopment of a blockchain-based ecosystem that allows an improved positioning of small producers of honey on local and international marketsSPCentro de Investigacion y Tecnologia Agroalimentaria de Aragon CITADZ (1) SP (2) FR (2) IT (2) LU (1) MA (2) TN (2) TR (1) 
VINEPROTECTEcological survey for biological management and protection of Mediterranean vineyards facing climate changesPTFaculty of Science, University of Porto FCUPIT (1) MA (1) PT (2) TR (3) 
BENEFIT-Med Boosting technologies of orphan legumes towards resilient farming systems in the Greater Mediterranean Region: from bench to open fieldITUniversity of Pavia UNIPVDZ (1) DE (1) FR (1) GR (3) IT (1) MA (2) PT (1) TN (1) 
HaloSheepAgroecological sheep/goat production system based on the valorisation of halophytes of saline area in the méditerranéen basinTNInstitut Superieur Agronomique de Chott Mariem ISA-CMSP (1) FR (1) GR (2) IT (1) TN (2) TR (1)  
MED4PESTNovel Ecologically-Based ROdent management DEvelopment in Mediterranean countriesTKMetaMeta Anatolia MMACY (1) GR (1) JO (1) MA (2) TR (1) 
ReMe-diationResilient Mediterranean with a holistic approach to sustainable agriculture: Addressing challenges of water, soil, energy and biodiversityDEHamburg University of Technology TUHHDE (1) GR (1) PT (1) TR (2) 
RESILINKIncreasing Resilience of Smallholders with Multi-Platforms Linking Localized Resource SharingFRLaboratoire d’informatique de l’universite de Pau et des pays de l’Adour lIUPPADZ (1) DE (1) EG (2) FR (2) MA (2) 
SEA FENNEL4MEDInnovative sustainable organic sea fennel (Crithmum maritimum L.)-based cropping systems to boost agrobiodiversity, profitability, circularity, and resilience to climate changes in Mediterranean small farmsITUniversità Politecnica delle Marche UNIVPMHR (2) FR (1) GR (1) IT (3) TN (1) TR (1) 
SUSTEMICROPDevelopment of eco-sustainable systemic technologies and strategies in key Mediterranean crops systems, contributing to small farming socio-economic resilience.SPUniversity of Leon ULESP (2) FR (2) IT (1) LB (1) MA (2) PT (1) SI (1) TN (1) 
VALMEDALMVALorization of MEDiterranean ALMond orchards through the use of intercropping integrated strategiesPTLaboratório Colaborativo Montanhas de Investigação, Associação MOREHR (1) EG (1) GR (1) IL (1) IT (1) MA (2) PT (3)