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PRIMA seeks consultancy to Assess the Performance and Impact of the programme

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PRIMA is currently seeking a consultancy to evaluate its performance and impact as it approaches its second interim evaluation. Established under the EU’s H2020 Programme for Research and Innovation, PRIMA is supported by 19 Euro-Mediterranean Participant States, operating on the principles of co-ownership, co-funding, and mutual benefits.

Since its inception on July 4, 2017, PRIMA has been dedicated to addressing regional challenges and enhancing prosperity, well-being, and stability in the Mediterranean Area.

The consultancy will focus on assessing PRIMA’s performance and impact across various criteria, including relevance, coherence, efficiency, effectiveness, EU value added, additionality, directionality, international positioning and visibility, transparency, and openness. The assessment’s report will support PRIMA’s second interim evaluation and provide recommendations for program improvement.

The consultant’s scope of work will involve reviewing PRIMA’s foundational and operational documents, assessing program achievements from January 2018 to December 2024, evaluating the monitoring framework and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and providing recommendations for the forthcoming interim evaluation by the European Commission.

Stakeholder views will be considered in the assessment, which aims to ensure the program’s alignment with regional, national, and Union policies while enhancing its effectiveness and efficiency.

For more details on the consultancy opportunity, download the Term of Reference:

Proposals shall  be submitted via email following the instructions in the TOR.

Deadline: 7th June (17.00 CET).