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PRIMA Calls 2024: Flash Results

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This year, PRIMA’s seventh annual call stands out for its Nexus approach, integrating the Water-Energy-Food-Ecosystems (WEFE) framework across all themes. Prompt action is crucial to fortify the resilience of the region’s agricultural and food systems, which could encompass strategies like advanced water conservation measures, efficient irrigation techniques, and the cultivation of drought-resistant crops.

This year, again, researchers and innovators from all around the Mediterranean have responded to PRIMA’s calls, with over 250 project proposals received, involving over 2700 participating entities across the region (sections 1 and 2 combined).

Throughout the Mediterranean, a coalition of researchers, change-makers, innovators and decision-makers has joined forces, pooling their expertise and resources to forge common proposals. From diverse backgrounds and disciplines, these individuals and teams have united across borders, sharing a common language of science, research and innovation, all with a shared vision for the future for our region.

SECTION 1 in a nutshell:

In Section 1, funded by PRIMA-IS with EU funds, we’ve received 174 eligible proposals for projects involving 2039 entities.

A Mediterranean mosaic:

Included in the submissions are 44 proposals targeting the Farming Nexus. These seek to revolutionize Mediterranean dry farming systems by employing water harvesting techniques to combat extreme drought in arid and semi-arid environments. Furthermore, there are 65 proposals each for the Agri-Food Nexus call, which aims to develop affordable and sustainable technologies suited for Mediterranean food systems to minimize food loss and waste, and 65 proposals for the Water Nexus, with a focus on sustaining Mediterranean irrigated agriculture through the implementation of the WEFE Nexus approach.

Furthermore, 31.03% of project coordinators hail from non-European countries, and 47.66% of participating entities originate from non-European countries.

SECTION 2 in a nutshell:

Section 2 comprises calls organized by PRIMA-IS and funded by the PRIMA Participant States. It has received around 80 eligible project proposals involving approximately 650 entities from across the region. These figures are subject to change as Section 2 is currently undergoing eligibility checks by national funding agencies.