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PRIMA Actions: June 3rd | 11:00-12:30 CET

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A Step toward Circular Economy Models in Agro-Food Systems in EU and Mediterranean Countries

The Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area, PRIMA, has started as the newest joint programme that boosts research and innovation policy and activities across the Mediterranean basin, under the framework of Article 185 TFEU (Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union). The PRIMA’s general objective is to empower the research and innovation capacities and knowledge co-creation and co-ownership between the two shores of the Mediterranean via competitive calls for innovative solutions. The programme is structured around four thematic areas (Water, Farming and Agro Food, Nexus).

Aligned with EU Green Week 2022, more efficient but sustainable agro-food processes and sustainable farming practices are priorities by the international political agenda, aiming to decrease the environmental impact of agriculture/food ecosystems and as well to provide healthy nutrition for an increasing world population. It is a target of the Development Sustainable Goals [1] of the United Nations agenda 2030 and the Farm to Fork Strategy of the European Green Deal. A bird’s-eye view of several PRIMA funded projects countries and beneficiaries/consortia, budgets, projects scopes, and products that address this topic from a different perspective:

-Minimizing (reduce) Agrofood Wastes à less harmful environmental impact.

–  Valorising and Utilization (reuse/recycle) of Agrofood By-products à positive environmental impact.

– Adapting plant species to climate change for food production via Agroecological approaches and sustainable food production practices to achieve resilience to climatic changes in Mediterranean countries à positive environmental impact + boost MD production.



11:00  Welcoming Speech about PRIMA Omar Amawi, Deputy Director of PRIMA  
11:10  BIORANGEPACK Santa Olga Cacciola Smart and innovative packaging, post-harvest rot management and shipping of organic citrus fruit  
11:20STOPMEDWASTE  Gianfranco Romanazzi Innovative Sustainable technologies to extend the shelf life of Perishable Mediterranean  
11:30  VEGGIE-MED-CHEESES Lucia Aquilanti   Valorisation of thistle-curdled CHEESES in Mediterranean marginal areas   
11:40  WILDFOOD Marta Rovira Eating the Wild: Improving the value-chain of Mediterranean Wild Food Products  
11:50  FEDKITO Barbara Conti Fresh Food sustainable packaging in the circular economy  
12:00  VALUEFARM Spiros Petropoulos Valorization of Mediterranean small-scale farms by cropping wild unexploited species  
  12:10  CHANGE UP Gianni Galaverna Innovative agroecological approaches to achieving resilience to climate CHANGE in Mediterranean countries  
12:20  FunTomp Mecit Halil Oztop Functionalized Food Products  
12:30  Closing Remarks MOHAMED WAGEIH, PRIMA Secretariat