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We make ourselves available thanks to our know-how in chemistry and biotechnological engineering gained at the Faculty of Biotechnological Chemical Engineering of L’Aquila to experiment with scale up of production of zero impact protein foods starting from food chain waste and organic waste such as the spent coffee grounds. We also have a small experience in the dairy sector with cheese production at a cattle farm. We have experience in basic laboratory methods. We have available space to implement a small experimental production of mushrooms with high protein value. Translated with (free version)



plant proteins, sustainable production, plant-based foods, food product development, health-promoting bioactive compounds, packaging, shelf-life, Mediterranean diet.


Italy is one of the Mediterranean countries that produces significant amounts of olives, grapes, tomatoes. Other suggestions are more than welcome. We would like to move toward enhancing alternative protein sources to develop value-added plant-based food products as an alternative to meat and dairy systems. – Development of sustainable approaches from farm to consumption to provide safe and healthy food with increased consumer acceptance in the Mediterranean diet – Circular Economy for reuse of organic waste with production of food products following our motto ” Not waste but resources”.


zurli & waly


Small or Medium Enterprise (SME)



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giovanni zurlino

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+39 339 79 81 140