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What we can offer in this collaboration. These are the competences relevant for the topic FOOD and NUTRITION: SuM Lab applies multiple instruments to gather data (e.g., Surveys, Experiments, Focus Groups, Interviews, Reviews, KPI monitoring, projects management, etc.), we master several methods to analyze them (such as LCA and PEF, Network Analysis, Structural Equation Modelling, Regressions, Multicriteria analysis, etc.) Food-related skills: • food traceability, labels and consumers; • food waste management environmental performances improvement and footprint reduction; • circular economy assessment of food companies; • food supply chain assessment; • Food policies, urban and regional food strategies; • Local Food Systems, short food supply chains and bottom-up food and e-grocery platform This is our GENERAL EXPERTISE: • Life Cycle assessment (LCA) and Product environmental footprint (PEF) of agri food products • Life Cycle Costing • Risk assessment by Social LCA • data analysis and environmental impacts monitoring • business-to-consumer communication and awareness-raising on sustainable and circular behaviours • scenario analysis; • multicriteria evaluations; • training and awareness to support climate-neutral and sustainable food production systems • supporting public institutions to develop strategies and policies • participatory and deliberative public decision-making


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Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) Life-Cycle Costing Risk assessment and Social LCA Data analysis Environmental Impacts Monitoring Awareness raising Citizen Engagement Consumer Engagement Scenario analysis Multicriteria evaluations Sustainable food production Business-to-consumer communication Circular behaviour Sustainable behaviour


Our main results: • 20 European project (H2020, HEU, LIFE, Interreg ERASMUS) • 40 national projects • 6 MM Grants in the last 5 years with European Commission Our main partners: • Italian Ministry of Environment (Ecologica transition) • Food companies: Ferrero, Barilla, Illy, Carlsberg, Lavazza, Parmalat. • Unionfood (national trade association)


Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies


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Sara Tessitore

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