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Last day to apply to the Woman Greening Food Systems Award

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Today is the last day to apply!

The PRIMA Woman Greening Food Systems Award recognizes and celebrates the outstanding contributions of women in promoting sustainable and resilient food systems. By spotlighting the accomplishments of women who have played a pivotal role in advancing positive change within the food and agriculture sector in the Mediterranean Region, PRIMA aims to inspire further progress towards achieving food security and environmental sustainability.

📅 Application Deadline: June 7th (17.00 CET) Note: The submission platform will close on June 7th at 17.00 CET. The uploaded version will be considered the final and submitted one. Do not wait until the last moment!!

🏆 Prize: €10,000 (cash prize) for each of the two winners.

“In the heart of the Mediterranean, where cultures converge and biodiversity flourishes, women are the stewards of our food systems. Their resilience, innovation, and commitment to sustainability nourish not only our health but also the planet. With the PRIMA Woman Greening Food Systems Award, we celebrate their vital role and empower them to shape a greener, more resilient future for all.” 🌱🌍 Mohamed Wageih, PRIMA Project Officer

📝 Questions & Answers:

o Stick to the right templates as published on the PRIMA website.
o Applicants can apply alone or with a partnering organization(s).
o Applying with or without the PIC is acceptable.
o On the platform, no financial data is needed.
o Part II document must be no longer than 10 pages.
o You can add an address/URL of a video, up to 90 seconds, illustrating your solution, achievements, model…

📝 Required Documents – ALL MUST BE UPLOADED

o Main Doc.: Part II (Application Form): this is the main document/application. Three criteria to be addressed:

1. Innovative Solutions for Greening Food Systems;
2. Evidence of Impactful Implementation;
3. Women Empowerment for Green Food Systems: o Annex One: Part I (Administrative Data File): Upload this document.

o Both templates are available on the PRIMA official website.

For any inquiries, contact Mohamed Ahmed Wageih ([email protected])