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SUPROMED “Sustainable Production in water limited environments of Mediterranean agro-ecosystem” is an R&I project co-funded under the PRIMA 2018 programme section I, for a period of 3 years starting from October 2019. The project is composed of a multidisciplinary team of ten partners from five countries Spain (UCLM, ITAP, HISPATEC), France (SEMIDE), Greece (UTH, 3DSA), Lebanon (DIFAF, ULFA) and Tunisia (INRGREF, INGC).  SUPROMED aims to enhance the economic and environmental sustainability of Mediterranean farming systems through a more efficient management of water, energy and fertilizers.

SUPROMED will provide a holistic crop-livestock water management system resilient to climate change. In detail, an end-user IT (Information Technology) platform specially designed to smartly advise farmers in the efficient water management of Mediterranean cropping and livestock systems will be delivered. To this aim, SUPROMED will integrate a validated set of models and tools (MOPECO7, IREY8, DOPIR9 or DOPIR-SOLAR10) in an online platform to increase the production and income of farms through a reduction and a more efficient use of water, and other inputs such as energy and fertilizers, while decreasing the impact on the environment.

 SUPROMED will consider real in-situ data and Earth Observation (EO) imagery, agro-alerts, agroclimatic classification and zoning together with drought forecast tools linked to climatic change. Drought monitoring and forecasting are essential tools for implementing appropriate mitigation measures to reduce negative impacts of droughts and will be very helpful for adequate water resource management. The end-user platform will be widely demonstrated across Spain, Lebanon and Tunisia. Moreover, an ambitious Training program that is to be performed in 4 Mediterranean countries will be accompanying farmers for the successful implementation of SUPROMED in agricultural practices.

SUPROMED aims to promote a 10-20% increase in the adoption of organizational and technological innovations in farms with an overall impact across the Mediterranean basin.

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PRIMA programme is supported by Horizon 2020, the European Union’s Framework Programme for Research and Innovation

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