Funded Projects


Sustainable innovation and governance in the Mediterranean area for the WEF Nexus

Climate change and rapid population growth threaten food, water and ecosystem security in the Mediterranean region. 

SIGMA-Nexus will analyze the socio-economic and technical characteristics of several case study sites in Egypt and Greece to develop the WEF (Water-Ecosystems-Food) nexus for different hydrological, agricultural and environmental settings in the Mediterranean region. 

The project aims to accelerate knowledge diffusion and support decision-making that can minimize conflicts and maximize synergies of cross-institutional and sectoral management of water and land resources through participatory multi-stakeholder engagement activities. 

Coordinating Country


Participating Countries

Egypt and Greece

Implementation Period

01/03/2020 - 29/02/2024


Technical University of Munich - TUM


Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area – PRIMA