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We are looking to be a partner in the PRIMA project
We are available to join a consortium with partners, to develop projects in the Mediterranean around topics related to: (i) Topic 1.1.1-2023 (IA) Integrated adaptive wastewater management plans in the Mediterranean region; (ii) Topic 1.2.1-2023 (IA) Actions to restore and return degraded lands in the Mediterranean region into productive agroecosystems; (iii) Topic 1.3.1-2023 (RIA) Increasing agri-food supply chain (cereal) resilience in the MENA region; (iv) Topic 1.4.1-2023 (IA) accelerate adaptation and mitigation to climate change in the Mediterranean region by deploying WEFE nexus solutions. We are also interested in proposals based on Topic 2.1.1-2023 (RIA) New governance models to define best practices for sustainable water management and conflict mitigation.




1. Coordinator of ARIMNet2-CROSYMED project (2018-2021): Enhancing nutrient use efficiency through legumes in agro-ecosystems of the Mediterranean basin ( 2. Coordinator of bilateral cooperation project “CMEP-Tassili”, France-Algeria (2018-2021): Services écologiques des légumineuses dans les agroécosystèmes du bassin méditerranéen 3. Partner in international project: FABATROPIMED (2011-2015): Ecological services of legumes for nitrogen and phosphorus biogeochemical cycles and carbon sequestration in cereal cropping systems in Africa and the Mediterranean basin (


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