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Seeking to join a consortium to offer our expertise in the olive growing and olive oil sector
We are a Moroccan group of talented researchers composed of well-trained Agronomists, Agri-food engineers, Chemists, post-harvest Technologists, Microbiologists, and Quality and Food Safety specialists. The team activity focuses on olive growing and olive oil technology. We work in a collaborative way to promote the sustainable development of the olive chain by adopting an integrated and circular ecological approach from the field to the consumer. Our Research activities orbit on improving cultural practices to optimize olive production (such as irrigation, fertilization, soil management, and phytosanitary control), olive oil extraction processes, quality control, and product safety of olive oil. The team also is offering the only unique specialized Master Program on the Quality and Safety of olive oil in Morocco) and the valorization of olive by-products. The team is the leader in investigating the full spectrum of bioactive compounds in Moroccan olive oil and in its byproducts supported by robust scientific publications





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