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Seeking for collaboration opportunities in renewable energy, Environmental protection, climate change adaptation and mitigation
⁻ Exploiting local sources of renewable energy, including wind energy, solar energy, bioenergy and geothermal energy, using modern technologies that are appropriate for local conditions. ⁻ Developing the necessary local and scientific capabilities and expertise to exploit renewable energy sources. ⁻ Identifying and evaluating the promising areas for wind and solar farms. ⁻ Cooperate with local, regional and international institutions to conduct applied scientific research and spread the concept of energy, water and food nexus. ⁻ Developing renewable energy and energy efficiency policies, and the necessary infrastructure to support the implementation of investment projects and implementing pilot projects within Jordan and the region through partnerships. ⁻ cooperation in terms of technical services, consultation, and supervision for the implementation of relevant projects, preparing technical and economic feasibility studies and financial models for clean technology investments.



RSS provides expert testing services via 38 specialized locally and internationally accredited laboratories and prides itself on offering both the public and private sectors a unique scientific resource and a wide range of project expertise. Supported by more than 500 scientists, researchers, technical support staff, highly skilled management and faculty, the RSS has always been recognized as a local, regional and international research and development hub.


The Royal Scientific Society (RSS) aims to be the knowledge leader for science and technology locally and regionally. The RSS uses excellent scientific and engineering research to power economic development and social progress.


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