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Project cooperation – Providing expertise on water&wastewater management, recovery, and reuse at pilot/demo scale studies
TUBITAK MRC has a very wide experience in the field of – Use of treated wastewater in irrigation, – Production of liquid fertilizer from wastewater and its use in plant cultivation, – Water recovery and reuse by membrane processes at pilot scale – Evaluation of the use of wastewater in irrigation and agriculture in cooperation with irrigation and agricultural institution in Turkiye – Brine management that generates membrane operations and uses it on fish growing and plant cultivation. – Prevention of salt discharge to receiving bodies by treated wastewater – Conducting a demo scale circularity project related to the water-energy-chemical nexus in industries Turkiye




TUBITAK MRC has a pilot plant with a capacity of 2-4 m3 /day, including ozone oxidation, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, UV, and ion exchange. The pilot can be modified depending on the study scope. It also supports projects by establishing close collaborations with wastewater treatment plants, irrigation and agriculture associations, and universities in Turkiye.


TUBITAK Marmara Research Center, Climate Change and Sustainability Department


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