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Bahri Dagdas International Agricultural Research Institute is located in Konya (central TURKEY), which is the largest city in the country. The institute carries out livestock (cattle, small ruminants & poultry breedings and biotechnology, animal nutrition) and plant research (plant breeding and genetics, crop production and management, food quality and technology). Besides being a research institute, it is a governmental organization which has highly strong collaboration with the stakeholders, land managers, farmers and policymakers. At Bahri Dagdas International Agricultural Research Institute, we have not only large-scale demonstration sites but also various types of fields that are suitable for specific projects such as lands that are already affected by desertification. Furthermore, we have 800 hectares of an organic farming area within our 9000 hectares of agricultural land. In terms of plant production, we have varieties of bread wheat (10 varieties), durum wheat (2 varieties), barley (3 varieties), oat (4 varieties), triticale (2 varieties), safflower (1 variety), and maize (2 varieties), and in recent years, our studies on drought-resistant varieties have been gaining speed. In addition, we have a presence of approximately 2000 sheep consisting of different breeds (Central Anatolian Merino, Hasmer, Hasak, Akkaraman, Dağlıç, Pırlak, Güney Karaman). Within the scope of the National Project for the Improvement of Small Ruminants in the Hands of the Public, we are leading 20 projects in a total of 6 provinces. We are also the largest partridge production centre in Turkey, contributing to the natural environment with our annual production of approximately 10,000 partridges.



land, large-scale demonstration sites, digital solutions, machine learning, AI, IoT.


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