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The team in the laboratory of Applied Plant Breeding and Microbial Biotechnology (APBMB) has high expertise in plant and microbe molecular biology techniques and approaches. We have two senior research leaders who each has ongoing research projects. The first senior scientist is Dr. Ahmed who has an expertise in plant molecular breeding and a project titled “Using Molecular Breeding Approach (Kernel Transcriptomics) to Develop High Yielding Wheat Under Water-Scarce Conditions”. The second senior scientist is Dr. Manal who has expertise in microbial biotechnology and a project titled “Metagenomic characterizations of halophytic micro-organisms to help minimizing dehydration-stresses in cultivated plants”. Mitigating lateral damages resulted from climate change (such as biotic and abiotic stresses on agricultural micro- and macro environments), is a top research priority to our lab toward enhancement of plant performance and yield as well as a main tool to put an end to hunger around the globe.



Plant, Molecular, Breeding, Biotechnology, Transcriptomics, Microbe, OMICS, Biostatistics, Bacteria, Fungi, Virus, Agriculture


We have tried to enter in partnership before through PRIMA, but always the consortium is not complete due to lake of a private sector. Therefore, we advise all consortiums to look for a private sector (a company, a stallholder, etc…) then look for a scientific partner. Best of luck to you all.


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