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Looking for partners in the areas of Farming Systems and Agro-Food Value Chain
We are enthusiastic to join PRIMA as a partner in Egypt. In the 1Department of Soils and Agricultural Chemistry, Biosystem Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture, (Saba Basha), Alexandria University, P.O. Box 21531, Alexandria, Egypt., we have 75 Acre farm and 5 greenhouses. We also have laboratories for soil and water analysis. We also have the ability to access other advanced laboratories at the University of Alexandria, and the City of Scientific Research and Technological Applications. We can also provide industrial partners in crop production (multi-national company), postharvest technology, as well as protected environment agriculture. We aim to cooperate in the domains of Farming Systems and Agro-food Value Chain, and Water, Food, Energy, and Ecosystems (WEFE). These domains have significant potential applications in Egypt and considerable opportunities for technology and knowledge transfer between the countries in the Mediterranean Area.



sensors, renewable energy, specialty crops, postharvest technology, cotton, digital agriculture, Industry 4.0, Agriculture 4.0, postharvest losses, food losses


We can provide a multi-disciplinary team of experts in agriculture, energy, mechatronics, and soil sciences.


Alexandria University


Secondary or Higher Education Establishment



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Associate Professor: Dr. Haitham Houssein Emaish