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Looking for a consortium to collaborate on 2.3.1-2023
We are experienced with extraction of bioactive compounds from food waste products and determining their chemical, physical and functional properties. In addition to use of traditional method, we are capable of using supercritical CO2 extraction techniques for the extraction of bioactive compounds from agricultural products. Our university has two different supercritical fluid extraction systems (pilot- and lab-scales). We can thus help on optimization of extraction methods. In addition to in vitro studies, we are also experienced with performing in vivo studies (mainly mice and rat models) and clinical trials to test the functional properties of bioactive compounds (including their impacts on colonic microbiota through metagenomic analysis). We are also highly experienced for the extraction of complex carbohydrates from agricultural products (including food wastes) and determining their physical, chemical and functional properties (using in vitro and in vivo studies). If a consortium needs any of the above-mentioned analysis and experiences, we are happy to collaborate.





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