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Looking for a Consortium-Offering Expertise in Data Analytics and Software Development
One of Dogus Technology’s main goals is to play a role in creating a sustainable environment with technology. Dogus Technology may contribute to projects and consortiums providing its expertise in machine learning and deep learning techniques to develop decision support models for end users and decision makers in agriculture industry. Dogus Technology may also be a software platform or blockchain solution partner. 1.2.1-2023 (IA) Actions to restore and return degraded lands in the Mediterranean region into productive agroecosystems. The amount of certain nutrients (phosphorus, nitrogen, sulfur etc.) significantly affect soil health. Dogus Technology is able to develop ML/DL algorithms to predict the stock of these nutrients at a certain place and time using historical data. Topic 1.3.1-2023 (RIA) Increasing agri-food supply chain (cereal) resilience in the MENA region. Dogus Technology has experience on applying blockchain technology to keep track of key materials in automotive industry. This experience can easily be expanded into agri-food supply chain in the form of optimization and monitoring of management of goods. Topic 1.4.1-2023 (IA) Accelerate adaptation and mitigation to climate change in the Mediterranean region by deploying WEFE nexus solutions. Dogus Technology can provide macro level data analytics to develop WEFE nexus solutions. This can entail the development of ML/AI technologies to accurately predict the tipping points related to water, energy and food demand (i.e., the prediction of the likelihood of a flood or site-specific energy supply/demand prediction).





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