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Looking for a consortium as a University Partner studying on Innovative Functional Food Product Development and Organic Farming
We are a group of researchers working on new innovative functional food development and experienced in food waste valorization. Our Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Department is experienced in innovative food product development for F&B sector, sensory panel organization, aroma compounds analysis by GCMS, professional kitchen design, food waste management, sustainability. We are working in Central Research Laboratory of Altınbaş Unversity. We can also perform analytical experiments of our newly developed products and develop analytical methods in our central research laboratory (HPLC, GCMS, Multi-plate reader etc.). We have SME partners (restaurants and boutique factories) working on organic farming, sustainability and biopesticide development. Our researchers are also experienced on conventional and high technology extraction methods (i.e. SCO2, subcritical water), and encapsulation techniques, molecular gastronomy.




We can lead innovative food or biopesticide production and test their analytical properties and consumer acceptance, and develop kitchen processes, reducing the water losses. We have SME contacts and can help the coordinator to find SME partners.


Altınbaş University


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