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Lookin to join a consortium as a partner for improving the productivity, efficiency and minimize methane mitigation.
We are ready to work within a consortium as a partner on projects related to the characterization farming system for improving the productivity, efficiency and sustainability of agricultural and minimize methane mitigation We are interested to find partners or consortium to offer our expertise in nontraditional Animal feeding and Animal husbandry which focus in benefiting with agricultural by-products either through improving its nutritional value or formulating mixtures with this agricultural by-products which have ability to cover part of animal requirements needs and reduced the quantities of traditional high priced feed ingredients. Suggest and evaluate different feeding models depending on benefiting from the various agricultural by-products that are available locally. *Implementation and evaluation of some techniques and natural supplementation which help to reduce methane mitigation. *Application and evaluation of some Animal husbandry systems that help improve the animal’s productive performance. *Helping livestock holders to apply some techniques that help them overcome market fluctuations. Also, we interest to improve livestock husbandry on the small and medium livestock holders. Our institute had several experimental stations distributed in different regions and different livestock in Egypt. We also have the capabilities and laboratory expertise necessary for evaluation.



Livestock performance, Feeding costs, Animal husbandry, Agricultural supplementation, methane mitigation, and natural supplementation.



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