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Coordinate a project focusing on novel antimicrobial food packaging and coating materials
My research team is performing research activities in food based proteins, their extraction, characterization, textural and rheological properties, production of active and intelligent single or multi-layer edible flms and coatings based on extracted protenis, production of nanofiber sheets with alternative methods from proteins, modification of functional properties of extracted poteins, novel extraction techniques such as ohmic system, and so on. We want to be coordinate a project focusing on the “Assessing novel antimicrobial food packaging and coating materials to reduce food waste to improve safety in the Mediterranean food supply chain”. As a leader of my research team, I am managing 2 different projects which one was supported by Turkish Scientific and Technlogical Research Council (TUBITAK), and the other one was supported by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Turkiye. On the other hand, my team is the partner of an international project collaboration from Thailand (coordinator) and Malaysia (partner). Our project, for which we made the last application under the coordination of Egypt, was supported by PRIMA Section 2 and we are also a partner in this project. As to be clearly understood, we are totally have experience in project management which are supported by TUBITAK and other governmental agencies, as well as international agencies. In the majority of these supported projects, the development of packaging materials that can exhibit active properties from biodegradable polymers and their application to different food groups are being studied. We have a new hybrid nanofiber production equipment for developing nanotechnological food pacakagings including antimicrobials or coloring agents for intelligent packaging. We also have a single screw extruder for pilot scale production of packaging films from synthetic or biodegradable polymers. In this manner, we are looking for partners from Mediterranean countries from Europe and Africa who are eligible for project application.





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