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Call for a consortium on developing the insect value chain as part of the PRIMA research project
We are looking for new collaboration proposals from academics and SMEs to propose a collaborative projects. This proposal is part of the PRIMA 2023 projects (value chain component). We propose to submit a proposal on developing an insect value chain. This value chain aims to meet human and animal nutrition needs. This project is part of a circular economy. It includes all stages of the value chain, namely the breeding of insects, the transformation of insects into ingredients with high added value, and the valorization of byproducts from breeding (frass) and processing (chitin, cake-rich fiber, lipid). In addition, this value chain targets new economic opportunities (work markets, export, industrial processing). This project will consider sustainability criteria related to the environment, energy, and water management. Would you like to receive more information about our PRIMA project? Would you like to participate in the consortium as a partner? We are willing to discuss/collaborate with you. In view of this research proposal, the skills listed below could be of great interest to our project:   – entomologist – insect breeding   – Risk analysis, sensory analysis, nutritional analysis – Mediterranean food product formulation   – Circular economy study for the insect industry   – Civil society actor in the Mediterranean area.




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