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Applied farming and water solutions for mitigation & adaptation to CLIMATE CHANGE
MIRRA is looking for applied solutions to enable farmers and the farming community in Jordan to mitigate the effects of climate change, adapt to climate change, enable climate-smart agriculture and climate change resilience. MIRRA is capable of building and running a large demonstration study that encompass several farmers and stakeholders within Jordan. Topics of interest to MIRRA are listed below: Topic 1.1.1-2023 (IA) Integrated adaptive wastewater management plans in the Mediterranean region. Topic 1.2.1-2023 (IA) Actions to restore and return degraded lands in the Mediterranean region into productive agroecosystems. Topic 2.2.1 (RIA) A step toward carbon-neutral farms: coupling renewable energy sources with circular farming systems. Topic 1.4.1-2023 (IA) Accelerate adaptation and mitigation to climate change in the Mediterranean region by deploying WEFE nexus solutions.




MIRRA is an NGO established in Jordan in 2007. We aim to support research, innovation and development in irrigation and agriculture through cooperation with farmers, private sector, government and research institutions locally and internationally. MIRRA operates developmental projects, demonstration and pilot activities at small and large scales in real farms in Jordan. In addition, MIRRA has a long history of various initiatives in capacity building, stakeholder engagement, adaptation to climate change, and innovative WEFE nexus solutions for soil, water, and climate related challenges within the agriculture sector in Jordan. MIRRA has been previously funded by PRIMA, USAID, UNDP, UNCEF, Nuffic, GIZ and AFD.


Methods for Irrigation and Agriculture (MIRRA)


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