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Offer of collaboration for groundwater hydrology and aquifer characterisation
Our team could support a reserch project through our experience in the multi-disciplinary (geology, geophysics, hydrology) characterisation of aquifers, in order to develop and apply methods to improve knowledge of buried water reservoirs (porous, fractured or karst aquifers) and their behavior as water storage systems. We could develop (a) innovative procedures for focused geological surveys and geophysical prospecting (e.g., with airborne electromagnetic methods), (b) integration of geophysical and hydrological data for the characterisation of the aquifer heterogeneity and the relationship between surface and ground water, (c) mathematical modeling of groundwater flow, including surface water-groundwater interaction, of soil-atmosphere mass and energy exchange, of intense meteorological events. This could help to predict and monitor effectiveness and efficiency of restoration of the natural water storage functions of ephemeral streams, floodplains, wetlands, aquifers (also through artificial recharge). This could be done with specific attention to issues related to the temporal variability of the elements of the water budget along the hydrological year (winter vs summer) and to water quality issues, e.g., related to salt-water intrusion in coastal areas.


Topic 1.1.1-2022 (IA) Sustainable and integrated management of natural and artificial water storages and distribution infrastructures. Topic 2.1.1-2022 (RIA*) Prevent and reduce land and water salinization and pollution due to agri-food activities.


groundwater hydrology; aquifer; contamination; geophysics; geology; geostatistics.



Università degli Studi di Milano


Secondary or Higher Education Establishment



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Mauro Giudici


+39 02 503 18478