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Experimental Animal Center BSL3 manager at Animal Health Research Institute (AHRI)
1. Carrying out international agreements as well as technical, scientific, and training cooperation, between ARE and other countries. 2. Partaking in the program of eradication of cattle plague. Recently in 1996, Egypt was declared to be free from cattle plague as confirmed by massive serological surveys conducted nationwide. 3. Sero-survey was carried out on Egyptian livestock for diagnosis of Rift Valley Fever, Bovine Ephemeral fever (three-day sickness), and Lumpy Skin disease. 4. Monitoring the level of antibodies in cattle in several governorates to ensure proper vaccination program against Rift Valley fever, Lumpy Skin disease, and foot &mouth disease. 5. Examination of imported animals and chicks to ensure that they are free from exotic diseases. 6. Periodical inspection of all poultry farms and hatcheries to control poultry diseases for stabilizing the poultry industry in Egypt. 7. Diagnosis, research & agricultural expanding media in the detection of fish pathogens, fish meal, and water analysis. 8. Inspection of all local and imported food of animal origin or animal by-products for the detection of pathogens, chemical residue and to determine their hygienic condition and stability for human consumption. 9. Inspection of imported feeds to ensure that they are free from pathogens and toxins to be suitable for animal consumption



Animal – poultry – fish Agricultural – biorisk – veterinary -laboratory -analysis-


Future Activities 1. Extensive epidemiological studies on animal diseases throughout the country and developing effective strategies for control and eradication of such diseases. 2. Development of Bacteria and Virus Bank for preserving the isolated strains. 3. Genetic maping for local strains known to be resistant to some diseases. 4. Reference laboratory for exotic diseases 5. Detection of various sources of environmental pollution (practical method to reduce pollution). 6. Updating and computerizing the Institute’s library and using the Internet and telecommunication facilities for scientific purposes.


Animal Health Research institute


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Heba Mohammed Hassan

managing veterinary laboratory analysis